Mission - Vision

Faculty of Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering Mission Statement

The Faculty of Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering aims to be a leading faculty in the Istanbul Technical University (ITU) through achievements in teaching, research and industrial services recognized internationally based on continuous improvement approach and pursuing, developing and renovating her policies based on the values and traditions of the university.

Faculty of Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering Vision Statement

Our vision is to provide an education through a contemporary curriculum of undergraduate, Master of Science and Philosophy of Doctorate degrees which are recognized nationally and internationally and to produce knowledge to lead the future developments through scientific and applied research with a special emphasis on cultural values.

Faculty of Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering Objectives

  1. To educate contemporary engineers capable of applying their knowledge effectively to solving engineering problems and to design, who are fully aware of their responsibilities for environment, society and ethical values, and committed to lifetime learning.
  2. To educate master and doctorate level engineers capable of carrying out scientific and applied research in advanced technologies and multi-disciplinary engineering areas.
  3. To conduct research that contributes to the science and technology at the national and international levels and to publish them.
  4. To create and to support the necessary human resources and facilities to carry out high quality education and research.
  5. To be the focus of leading studies in the chemical, metallurgical and food sectors of Turkey by conducting industrial projects and services.